17 February, 2009

Some days invoke things you dont deal with well . I did a scrap last night... it had been a hard day. This was also probably the hardest scrap I have done from a technical point. I made or extracted everything except the background pic. I worked out how to make the water overlay.. and made the copper coils... I am hoping to have my first kit ready by next week.


  1. Pam - I had NO idea that each element was hand-placed. It's absolutely beautiful, and learning of the work and time only adds to its appeal. Beautiful job with the water overlay.

  2. Greetings from Australia. Congratulations on your Blog and for your digital scrapping journey. You are very talented. I enjoy your unique creations very much.
    Ahead of time I wish you a most Happy Birthday for February 2011 and many more. Take good care of yourself.